Spring Vegetable Gardening

vegetable container garden

We are having some nice spring days here in St. Louis. Since I’m off work due to the stay at home orders, I used one full day to start doing the early spring gardening. St. Louis is in zone 6, so we can start planting vegetable seeds that can be planted early spring (before the last typical chance of frost). My mom purchased this container at a local farmer’s market a few years ago. The family came up with the design and have them produced. My sister and I had purchased some seeds a couple of weeks before the stay at home order. I planted some carrot seeds in the top portion. We still had lettuce seeds left over from last year, so I planted red leaf lettuce in the openings. This container makes it easy to harvest and replant. Typically, you want to use new seeds because old seeds are less likely to sprout. However, we usually save them because they might sprout and because of the Covid-19 virus, I’m not taking any chances going in public.

We usually add new top soil or fertilizer to our raised beds, but since we are not leaving the home, I didn’t do that this year. However, we added mulched leaves to all the raised beds last fall (in a previous article). We also add egg shells and tea leaves to the gardens, so that should be enough added nutrients. I use a shovel to dig up the garden. I go about a foot down into the soil. Then I use a hoe to break up the soil and work in the leaves and eggshells. Finally, I use a garden rake to smooth it out and get the soil level. Then the fun part starts: I get to plant the seeds. We had enough old seeds to plant two rows of snow peas and one row of sugar snap peas. I put the trellises between the rows since peas are a vine and need to grow upward. Vine growing plants are good space savers. You can also do pole beans and cucumbers this way (but it’s too early to plant those). Then I used the rest of the garden to plant my new purple beat seeds. My sister also dug up another bed where she is going to plant cucumbers. For now, she planted kale (which she started inside) and onions (old seeds). We hope to grow more than we need and then we can share with others so we don’t have to leave the home to have fresh vegetables.

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