Red Panda Chai

I have been running a small family owned tea business called Trail Lodge Tea since 2011. I sell the teas online and at farmers markets in the St. Louis area. As you can guess I have a fondness for Red Pandas. When I was doing research for my daytime job at the zoo I discovered that Red Pandas were found in several provinces that are known for their tea. That gave me the idea to develop a line of teas to benefit the Red Panda Network and Red Panda Trust. The teas in this line are made from Fair Trade Certified Teas from India and China and I purchase Nepal Tea directly from the tea garden’s son who lives in the United States. The Nepal Tea garden is Fair Trade Certified, but since I purchase the tea directly from the farmer it doesn’t go through a Fair Trade importer. That is why you won’t see a Fair Trade label on the Nepal Tea. The Red Panda Chai is made with Nepal green tea, oranges, spices, and flavoring. I donate a portion of every sale to the Red Panda Network. You can check out the YouTube video to learn more.

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