Set of 7 Hand Embroidered Bruno the Bear Flour Sack Towels


This is a set of 7 hand embroidered flour sack towels with Bruno the Bear design.

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This is a set of 7 flour sack towels with hand embroidery. I used a vintage Aunt Martha’s Pattern called Bruno the Bear. The flour sack towels are premium quality (not the kind that you find at discount stores that resembles cheese cloth). These towels are made from a premium 130 thread count cotton fabric and hemmed on 4 sides with a hanger loop sewn in the corner. They are approximately 28″x28″. However, flour sack towels vary in size and usually are not perfectly square. Also, flour sack material may have strands of colored thread woven randomly inside. (That’s just the quirks of flour sack material.) I did purchase the best quality I could find so that they would last longer than cheaply made ones. My family has been using flour sack towels in the kitchen for generations. They are soft and lint free. Because of this, they are great for drying dishes. You want to wash them without using fabric softener. (Fabric softener causes towels to loose their absorbency.) It is better to use wool balls in your dryer (plus that is more Eco-friendly).

bruno the bear embroidered flour sack towels   Bruno the Bear 2 

Bruno the Bear 3    Bruno the Bear 4 Bruno the Bear is embroidered in milk chocolate brown. The words are embroidered with colors that match items in the picture. The days of the week reflect the chores that used to be associated with each day. The days are: Bake Day, Clean Day, Iron Day, Wash Day, Market Day, Mend Day, and Sunday. This would make a cute set of towels for any kitchen. You can purchase them for yourself or use them as wedding or house warming gifts. They would also make a great gift for teddy bear collectors or animal lovers.

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