Embroidered Car or Motorcycle Denim Over the Collar Reversible Dog Bandana


These are hand made machine washable reversible over the collar dog bandanas. The front side is made with black denim and has an embroidered image (you choose which car or motorcycle). The reverse side has black Route 66 fabric. The Route 66 signs are different colors on a black background.


I make the dog bandannas with cotton fabric for comfort and easy washing. They are reversible so you can flip them over for a different look. These are made as over the collar/ slip on collar so you just take off you dog’s collar and slip the bandana over the collar to put it on or take it off. This makes it easy to change them out and take them off to wash. There is ample room for the opening, so it slides off and on easily even with wider collars.

Embroidered Corvette Bandana    back of embroidered bandana

Small – approximately 6″ wide at top, 5″ long (top to tip), and 1.25″ opening for collar
(great for toy and small breeds like Yorkshire Terriers, Boston Terriers, and Shih Tzu.)

Medium – approximately 7″ wide at top, 6.5″ long (top to tip), and 1.25″ opening for collar.
(great for medium sized dogs like Border Collie, Shetland Sheepdog, and Standard Schnauzer)

Large – approximately 13.5″ wide at top, 11.25″ long (top to tip), and 1.50″ opening for collar.
(great for large dogs like Labradors, Golden Retrievers, and German Shepherds.)

If your dog is in between these sizes you can go either way, depending on the look you want. For example, I had a Miniature Schnauzer that was 11 pounds and she could wear either the small or medium. She was kind of small for her breed, so I normally used a small for her. However, Schnauzers that are 15 pounds are larger may want to go with medium.

Made and stored in a smoke free home.

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Small, Medium, Large


Corvette, Mustang, Motorcycle


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