Mixed Media Madness Hop – Scamp Art Caddy

Today, I’m joining some other crafters from the Handmade Happiness Facebook group to do a blog hop focusing on mixed media. I had recently purchased an unfinished wood art caddy from IKEA to hold some of my crafting supplies. I decided to use that as my base for my mixed media. I don’t really think of myself as a mixed media person since I usually just do one type of craft at a time such as embroidery and card making and don’t combine too many mediums. I often think of mixed media as grunge or shabby chic. However, I tend to like softer cleaner styles better. Mixed media just implies that you are using multiple mediums in your creation, so you can use any style you want. I decided to paint and decoupage for the main part of my project, and used various mediums on my wooden letters for a fun pop of interest. Please be sure to check out the other participants blog posts to get ideas on how you can incorporate mixed media into your projects.

decoupage art caddy
Yield: 1

Scamp Art Caddy

Prep Time: 30 minutes
Active Time: 4 hours
Additional Time: 3 days
Total Time: 3 days 4 hours 30 minutes
Difficulty: Intermediate

I used painting, decoupage, stamping, and embossing to decorate this unfinished art caddy from Ikea. I chose to use a Scamp comic book from my childhood. That way I can reminisce about it every time I use my crafting supplies. You could use any comic book or paper images that you like.


  • Ikea Lustigt Arts and Crafts Storage Caddy, Wood
  • Mod Podge Matte Finish
  • Scamp Comic Book (or whatever paper images you want to use)
  • Folk Art Acrylic Blue Belle Paint
  • Tim Holtz Salty Ocean Mini Distress Ink
  • Tim Holtz Festive Berries Mini Distress Ink
  • Tim Holtz Broken China Distress Embossing Glaze
  • Nuvo Frost Bite Glacier Paste
  • unfinished wood alphabet letters to spell "Scamp" or whatever word or name you want to put on your caddy
  • strong glue like E6000


  • Paint Brushes (One decent one for the paint and cheep ones for the glue)
  • Foam Brushes for Mod Podge (or paint brushes, but don't use expensive ones)
  • Disposable Plate or plastic surface for the paint
  • Protective covering for your table (I used old shelf liner)
  • Scissors for paper
  • cotton balls
  • Small dog themed stamps- I used Mama Elephant Playful Pups
  • Heat Gun for embossing
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer


  1. painting caddyLay out the wooden pieces on a work surface. I covered my work table with old shelf liners. Then use a paint brush to paint each piece with acrylic paint. I used Plaid FolkArt Blue Bell Acrylic. Paint two layers on each side and let dry completely between layers.
  2. cutting comic book Cut apart pictures you want to use for the decoupage. I cut up a Scamp comic book I purchased when I was very young. I decided I would see it more this way. Figure out how you want to lay out your images as you cut them out. I decided to lay them out so you could read the story. You can also overlap them like a collage.
  3. First layer of Mod Podge Spread on a layer of Mod Podge on piece where you are going to put your images. When it is slightly dry and tacky, add your pictures and press down when you are happy with the layout. Do this for each piece where you are putting the images. I like to use a foam brush, but you can also use a paint brush. Don't use expensive brushes for this because Mod Podge is similar to glue. It adheres, finishes, and seals your project. Clean your brushes with water after applying Mod Podge.
  4. applying comics with Mod Podge Go over the images with a layer of Mod Podge. You may have to smooth out the images to prevent wrinkling and get rid of pockets.
  5. Add one or two more layers of Mod Podge and let it dry at least 15 - 20 minutes between layers. You can work on the other pieces as you let it dry. I did three layers over the top of the comics and two layers on the wood pieces that didn't have any images. I did this so the piece would look uniform and so the whole caddy would be sealed and finished.
  6. assembling craft caddyAfter everything was dry, I assembled the caddy according to the directions. I used a screwdriver and a hammer came in handy for poking holes through areas where paint dried in the holes. I also used the hammer for the pegs since they fit too tightly to just push.
  7. I thinned out some Nuvo Frost Bite Glacier Paste with water and then painted it on the front of the wooden letters. You could also use acrylic paint or wood stain.
  8. After the letters are dry, stamp small dog images on the letters with distress ink. I used a bone, ball, and paw stamp from Mama Elephant's Playful Pups.
  9. Go over the letters with embossing ink. I used Ranger's embossing ink dauber. Then sprinkle the letters completely with Tim Holtz Distress Embossing Powder. Go over the powder with a heat tool until the powder melts.
  10. Glue the letters on the craft caddy with strong glue like E6000.
  11. Optional: Seal with Clear Acrylic Sealer


This takes several days to make because you need to let the paint and decoupage dry between layers. You can use a fine grained sandpaper to go over areas where you get globs of paint or Mod Podge.

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5 thoughts on “Mixed Media Madness Hop – Scamp Art Caddy

  1. This is great! That modge podge is magic to me! šŸ˜„ I loved how you transformed the caddy! Nice job!! šŸ˜ Iā€™m happy you were a part of the hop. šŸ’•šŸ˜Š

    1. Thank you for your kind words and visiting my blog. I’ve used Mod Podge many times in the past and my mom used it when I was little. The best part will be putting all my crafty treasures in it.

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