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Patriotic Fireman Card


Fall Lawn Fawn Challenge Card

Fall Lawn Fawn Challenge Card

I created this card for the Lawn Fawnatics Challenge #86 Halloween and Fall Inspiration. The…

decoupage art caddy

Mixed Media Madness Hop – Scamp Art Caddy

I decorated and and assembled an art caddy for the Handmade Happiness Mixed Media Madness Blog Hop. I used an old comic book, paint, Mod Podge, ink, and embossing powder as my mediums.

pickled beets

Pickling and Canning Beets

scratch and sniff card

Ice Cream Braille Scratch and Sniff Card

This is a card I created to celebrate Katherine Kelly’s 1,000 You Tube subscribers. I was inspired by her braille card video to make this one. I used Enamel Dots to create the braille and embossing powder and sugar free mixes to make the scratch and sniff.

cinnamon raisin biscuits

Cinnamon Raisin Biscuits

This is a traditional buttermilk biscuit recipe that my family has been using for years. You can leave out the cinnamon chips and raisins if you want plain buttermilk biscuits.