Grilled Pork Burger Dinner

Time to get the grill on now that I can get fresh tomatoes and corn at a local farmer’s market. I purchased two small cast iron frying pans from the Lodge outlet in Tennessee on a previous road trip. They work great for side items liked caramelized onions. I just put in a little bit of butter and chop up an onion and put in the pan. Then I keep the pan over direct heat (I use charcoal since it has much more flavor than a gas grill). I just stir it occasionally and they caramelize perfectly. The pork burgers are already pre-made pork burgers with uncured bacon from Schneider Farms. I prep the corn before grilling by pulling back the husks and removing the silk and washing the whole cob. Corn should be soaked in water before putting on the grill to prevent the husks from catching on fire. If the husks are no longer green, you may want to remove the husk. I grilled some tomatoes for another side dish. I just cut them in half and trim a little off the bottom so they will “sit” on the grill without rolling over. Then sprinkle the tomatoes with a little salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning. Serve the burgers with whole wheat buns (or if you prefer white), lettuce, and dressing (we use Miracle Whip). Pandalicious!

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