Fox Outline Sticker Cards

Fox outline sticker cards
Yield: 2

Fox Outline Sticker Cards

Active Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

This is an easy and fun card project that just requires coloring with markers, cutting, and using adhesive. I've never used washi or the outline stickers before, but It was fun and I made these while watching a movie.


  1. Pick out 2 coordinating sheets of paper from the Fall Breeze paper pad. (I used the plaid and the scene with a fox and tree). Cut both pieces 4.25" x 5.5". If you are using a print that is directional (like the fox and trees) make sure you cut it with the 5.5" vertically with the foxes facing in the correct direction. (You don't want to put it sideways on the card.) Then cut each piece in half to form a triangle (from corner to corner). I discovered after I put down the washi tape that the fox face wasn't white, but transparent. So you'll want to trim the paper down on the long side of the triangle so the paper doesn't show through the washi tape. (I'll do that next time I use this washi tape.) fox card supplies
  2. Adhere the paper to the card base using one triangle from each piece of paper. Make sure you check the direction of the pattern before adding adhesive to avoid upside down or sideways foxes. I used my Scotch ATG tape runner, but you can use any tape runner or glue.
  3. Cut a strip of washi tape to go down the center of the card and use your scissors to trim at the edge.
  4. Adhere the outline stickers to a piece of micro fine glitter paper. (You can use whatever brand you like, but you want a good quality where the glitter doesn't rub off.) Then burnish (rub) the stickers onto the glitter paper to make sure they are completely adhered. These outline stickers come with directions on how to use them and color glitter paper. You could also put the stickers on other paper if you desire.
  5. Color the images as you like with alcohol markers. I listed the colors I used. For the larger areas you should use a light and dark marker. First color near the outlines with the darker shade and then fill in with the lighter shade. Use the lighter marker to blend the darker color into the lighter area to create a soft blend. I just used one color on the nose, acorns, leaf, grass, snail shell, and snail body. Rub your markers on a piece of paper to get off ink from the darker color.
  6. Then fussy cut the images out (go around the outline with scissors).
  7. Adhere the images to your card using dimensional adhesive. You could use dimensional squares made with cardboard or chipboard. Check out my article and You Tube video on how to make it. You can also use foam squares or dots, but that isn't Eco-Friendly. (If anyone knows of a better Eco friendly substitute let me know.) I saved the negative parts of the sticker sheet. I saw somewhere that there is a technique to use these, so I'll save them for later.

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