Carrots & Kongs

Picture of Vicki chewing the carrot sticks in her Puppy Teething Kong
Vicki with her Puppy Teething Kong and carrots

We started Vicki out with peanut butter on her Kongs to encourage her to chew them. Now, I’m trying out carrots with 3 different Kongs. This gives her vitamins, something to chew, and a new activity for mental stimulation and fun.

Put baby carrots in the holes of the Goodie Bone Kong.
baby carrots in Goodie Bone Kong

First, I stuck a baby carrot in the holes on her Puppy Goodie Bone Kong. I also smeared some peanut butter on the carrots, since I didn’t know if she would try them. Then, I filled her regular Puppy Kong with her kibble and stuck a baby carrot in the hole to plug it up. I had to push some kibble around the carrot to get it to stay in place. Then I smeared some peanut butter around the end. I put both of those in the freezer so they would be cold when I gave them to Vicki. The cold can help ease the pain of teething. I cut some baby carrots into matchstick size to stick in the Teething Kong. If you use peanut butter, make sure there is no xylitol. It can be deadly to dogs. It is also good to use one without sugar. Puppy Kongs are a little softer than regular Kongs, since their teeth are sharp, but not as strong as adults as well as their jaws not being as strong. Puppy Kongs are pink or blue and adult Kongs are red. If you have an adult dog that is a super chewer, you can get the black Kongs which are a little harder and more durable. You can use these ideas for your adult dog also since most dogs like to chew and have a healthy snack.

Stuff the regular Kong with kibble and plug with a baby carrot. Smear on peanut butter for a special treat.
Filling a regular Kong

Please check out my You Tube video with full information on using carrots with Kongs.

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