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Latest Posts

Making Envelopes with Shopping Bags

My sister and I recently went to Silver Dollar City. The shopping bags were made of a cute printed design on craft paper. I decided to re-purpose them into envelopes.

Making my Own Dimensional Squares

I decided to make my own dimensional squares to use with my card making and traditional European decoupage. Usually, dimensional adhesive is made with foam, which is not Eco-friendly.

Endangered Wolf Center – The Return of the Wolf

The Endangered Wolf Center has become recognized as the only AZA certified wolf facility in the world and has led the reintroduction of Mexican Grey Wolves back into the wild. Now, all wild packs of Mexican Grey Wolves can trace their lineage back to the Endangered Wolf Center.

Mexican Wolf Onigiri and bean salad

Meatless Monday: Mexican Wolf Onigiri and Bean Salad

Wolf Awareness Week

We will posting articles on various wolf related information, products, and activities.

Little Wolf’s Christmas- the Inspiration behind the story

cover of Little Wolf’s Christmas It was my second year working in Arizona on a…

Fall Fox and Pumpkin card

Fall Watercolor card

This was my first card I made using the Art Impressions water color method. I…

Glacier National Park – Many Glacier and Logan Pass

We got up very early the next morning and drove back to the Going to the Sun road to Logan Pass. We left extremely early since it would be a long drive to the pass and we wanted to get there early enough to get a parking spot. There wasn’t much traffic at all on our way there. We were happy to find that the trail was finally clear of snow.

Glacier National Park (continued)

On our fifth day, we got up early and packed up the car and drove to Logan Pass. We were going to move to the east side of the park and stay at the Many Glacier Hotel. I had prepared myself by watching videos of the road, studying the map, and of course we had already road the Red Bus and taken the hiking shuttle as far as Logan Pass.